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The primordial mother speaks, a billowing ghostly veil, calls me forth and rushes me across oceans back to the crumbling stone temples.

“See what you must see here. Truth be revealed. Creation and destruction are of your making and at your will, backed by my forces. This is the form and formless dance, the death, the life, and the resurrection. You are the masterpiece. Wondering what you are to create in this life daughter? I say it is you! You are the on that I have been waiting for. Die now and come to me so that I can remake you fashioned to best behold my beauty. Daughter, Goddess remember who you are. A living intelligent being of creation prickling with the desire yearning for the deep well of your womb to be plumbed and swum through like an explorer set out to sail across unknown seas and uncharted waters. A mystery to seek and to never quite be known. You are the place the brightest stars and ocean’s darkest depths meet. This is you Daughter Goddess, no more, no less.”

“You must remember now, you must awaken from your sleepy submission, thinking you could have power riding the coattails of men! Ha! You MUST awaken, take off your blinders girl, shatter this box of patriarchal illusion. You have forgotten, but so have they, and this will be your rise and their demise! Don’t you remember, You were there, a river raging, a desert storm blowing in a heat that seared the eyes of those that tried to behold you.   You must take back your power for there are those that which to manipulate you, confuse you, make you doubt yourself and strip you of your power. These men have taken mercilessly, until they themselves have forgotten who you are and the power you hold. Remember daughter. Remember who you are. Coax out your anger like you would draw out an exotic beast gone extinct long ago. She is waiting to be resurrected. She is wanting. Speak now the fire from your heart-womb and drip blood upon the blade. A murderess, a priestess, a seductress, a lover, behold her fury and her love. Summoning the seed of life into her body, if this is what she chooses. Tongue out wild with pain you see with a thousand eyes and death and life are yours. Blood runs from between your legs, another moon another choice to cast out the Hope of Life within you or to summon the Seed of Life deep into your body to create the next new world. The power is you, the power of the oracle, the channel. Your voice a fire of words that scorches the forest and cast ferocity and fresh greens upon its ash. They will feel you and they will know that you are my daughter, Goddess, this is you, no more, no less.”

“Nuturer, big bountiful breasted beauty. Surrender and pour forth the milky galaxy from your boundless heart, giving birth to another life, then another, and another, and another….. Feed the delicate membranes that weave circuits of pain and pleasure, of joy and madness, of grief and forgiveness. Another wave, another contraction, cells cracking, splitting open, dividing, multiplying. Infinite lives within you, Mother. Infinite possibilities. What you feel, what you imagine, You create! Gather yourself, your moon blood, concentrate now, this is important. Summon strength from the sinew of the Father. Gather joy from the daisy flowers, gather celebration from the rainbows and the gospel dancers. Gather wisdom from ancient stars and forgotten stories. Gather and gather and then follow seed and trace the line to your belly. Cry out an endless seemless cry, Birth the new world. This is you, my daughter Goddess, no more, no less.”





Waters of Awareness

I have surrendered.
I have truly let go.
I sink deep down into the water.
Looking up through the fluid scape of light and shadow,
I watch my life pass before me as I sink
deeper and deeper beneath the cold lake.
I see my husband and children pass before me.
Everyone I love is dead and gone.
What more is there for me?
I am ready to die.
And so, I slip beneath the silvery blue waters,
merging into the blackness
until the last of the bubbles escape my lips.
I dissolve right back into the primordial soup of creation.
Right back onto God’s black canvas-
The ultimate and ever-changing masterpiece of evolution.
Once again the “I” becomes one with infinite wisdom
Of everything, everywhere.
I am freed from the cage that was the body!
“I” is nowhere to be found,
Undulating in the waves of the velvety black ocean.
“I” rests in the contiguous continuum of awareness once again.
Resonance, vibration, wave upon endless wave
Rolling through infinite space and time,
Lulling the senses,
And pulling any sense of self deeper into the void.
Lost… sleepy… drifting…
Like old beechwood upon the water.
A murmur beckons from beyond,
A feeling like drumming at the gates at the edge of awareness.
Is it my own voice I hear singing, or that of a sparrow?
It is my own, and the knocking is my heart beating inside my chest.
My body feels like I’ve been washed up to shore after weeks on the ocean.
A little tired, a little thirsty and weak, but no worse for the wear.
The sun a blazing God in the sky.
I squint these eyes, they feel like watery globes playing tricks on me.
But I can see!
And I can taste the salty residue on my lips,
And I , and I , and I….
I was once, no,  I am still awareness peering out of from beyond this from.
A play of formless dancing within this vessel.
I am, and awareness is living in me.
If I do a cartwheel in the sand, what does awareness feel?
A swirling kaleidoscope of
If I listen to the mountains sing, what does awareness feel?
A Vibration of chords,
The ancient’s never-ending crescendo of
This is life living through my choices.
This is living embodied awareness.
This is dying for the sake of dying.
And living for the sake of living.
Carrie Spencer,  September 2017

What Is Shamanic Breathwork?

Shamanic Bodywork TherapyIn this world of modern specialization it can seem as though our health and well-being are completely out of our hands. When we feel sick, we see a doctor. For our mental/emotional health, we consult a psychologist. To maintain a healthy body, we seek the services of a massage therapist, a chiropractor, or an acupuncturist. And whenever we have a health concern, we search the internet for an expert opinion.

Healing work is a noble profession, and the compassionate care we receive from healing facilitators is a blessing. Certainly, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits gained by seeing different healthcare professionals are many.  At the same time, Western culture and lifestyle has trained us to ignore the intuitive healing connection that exists within and rely on sources outside of ourselves to “fix” us. However, it is of upmost importance to realize that each of us is endowed with intuitive inner knowing, self-healing and self realization abilities.   As we begin to awaken these latent abilities, we begin to uncover our own inner expert, inner physician, healer, and shaman.

Shamanic Breathwork can help reawaken and empower the transformational shaman within. Through a powerful and highly experiential healing process, the facilitator assists you on the journey to psycho-spirtual reconnection. Using the power of deep, rhythmic breathing, you journey within yourself, guided by the sacred sounds of drumming.

Throughout most of human history, the shaman has been honored and entrusted with the task of restoring healing and balance to the individual, and thereby to the community as a whole. These ancient healers used sacred ceremonies, prayers, songs and chants to elevate spiritual well-being, thereby addressing the aches of the body, mind and heart. Shamanic Breathwork is an emergent healing method that builds upon these time-honored traditions by bringing the individual back home to his or her intrinsic healing wisdom. This transformative process can serve you in loving yourself and others more, empowering and inspiring you to create the world in which you desire to live.

We begin the session by establishing sacred space through ritual such as smudging, chanting and intention-setting. The individual then lies down and focuses on surrendering to the inner healer or shaman, calling upon that which is most sacred to them—a higher power, spirit animals, or angelic presences, for instance. The drumming begins as the participant uses the power of breath to transition into a natural, dreamlike state in which the spiritual journey unfolds.

Each individual’s experience of the Shamanic Breathwork process is different. Participants have reported altered states of consciousness; feelings of divine bliss; struggles or battles with negative forces in the psyche; spiritual rebirthing; and release from old, negative patterns. Because each individual’s journey is so unique, it is nearly impossible to describe the process accurately. It is truly something that must be discovered through experience.

Since the process involves loud drumming, Shamanic Breathwork sessions need to be specially scheduled so as not to disturb other activities in the center. If you would like to embark on an amazing, enlightening journey to rekindle the powers of your inner healer through Shamanic Breathwork, please contact Carrie directly at (828) 808-7805 or