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A Hundred Thousand Petals

A Hundred Thousand Petals

 Once, I was duped

By an old tale of betrayal.

In a spell of blinded black magic

I had cast, unknowingly upon myself.

I believed myself to be a victim

And that I was right in believing I was wronged.

And for sure, it was painful

Ensnaring myself inside a heartless cage,

I felt alone and cold in a frozen winter

That seemed to never cease.

In my bitterness,

I turned my back and tossed away the key.

Until the day came when a whisper caught on the wind

And I realized I had only been betraying myself.

I gave up my attachment to this Tale of the Victim

And Let Go.


No, no longer do I feel trapped,

For it was the Goddess who had come in the dark of night

And she has spoken and shown me a pathway

Through the brambles of my pain and grief.

It’s luminous trail tended to by the awakened women

Who serve Her.

Their bare shoulders and long delicate fingers

Wave to me and coax me down the path.

My body singing with delight

As I am led into the warm bathing pool

At the temple of Aphrodite.  

Scents of lilacs and roses perfume the air,

Intoxicating the senses,

I feel my desire rising,

Still I feel safe and held in love.

My heart opens ever wider.

I feel free to love and receive love.

Yes, I know I walk in truth,

For I have found my way to the Garden of the Goddess.

The lotus flower in my heart breathes

A long deserved sigh and opens,

Expanding infinitely,

I surrender fully.

As if falling in a dream,

Yet ecstatically awake,

A hundred thousand lotus petals

Unfold before me.


A hundred thousand petals floating upon the sacred Waters.

       A hundred thousand petals caught by the breath of the        


       A hundred thousand petals ground into the humus of


       A hundred thousand petals burning in the flame of my



       I feel Her close to me,

Her breath awakens the tendrils of hair upon my neck.

       “At last you have surrendered to me in totality”, the Goddess whispers.

“Are you ready to surrender again, a hundred thousand times over? For this is what I ask of you.”