How should I prepare before I arrive for my massage?

You’ll be more comfortable if you eat lightly or postpone eating until after your massage.

Arrival Time.
Arriving a few minutes early will help you begin to relax sooner and ensure that your massage begins on time.

Be sure to turn your cellphone off so that it doesn’t disturb you during your time of relaxation.

Eyeglasses, Jewelry, Watches, Chewing Gum.
Should all be removed before the massage begins.


What should I expect during bodywork?

Receiving a bodywork isn’t passive.
Believe it or not, you have work to do!  It takes practice, patience, and compassion with oneself when learning how to relax, unwind, and be present to the sensations and feelings in your physical and energetic bodies.   Letting go of the rush of the day and the mental overload and coming into you presence and mindfullness of your body takes practice.  Carrie will help you navigate using the breath to come more fully present.

Quiet your mind.
Once the session begins,  focus on the felt sensations you are experiencing.  What do you hear, smell, see, and feel?  let your mind focus on your breath and the felt physical and energetic sensations.  When your mind begins to wander, that’s okay!!!! Each time we remember to return to the presence of the breath is a moment of awakening!

Be like a rag doll.
Let your body be heavy and sink deeply into the table’s cushioning. Be limp and don’t “help” your therapist when she moves you, such as lifting your arms or turning your head to one side.

Notice your breath.
People often stop or limit their breath when they feel anxious or when a sensitive area is being massaged. Let your inhalations and exhalations be slow and deep to minimize any discomfort. Visualize your breath flowing into tense areas that are being massaged and see all the tension leaving your body.

Speak up if you are uncomfortable.
Is the music to loud, the room to hot, the pressure to light? Always speak up and tell your therapist what you would like changed so that your she can make the necessary adjustments.


What should I do after my massage?

Drink plenty of water.
Massage causes toxins and metabolic debris to be released from the body’s soft tissue. Drinking plenty of water during the hours after your massage will help flush these wastes out of your body, which will maximize the loosening up of your muscles and joints and minimize any day-after soreness.

Take some time to stretch any areas that you feel that you need to after your massage is over. Decide what feels right for you or ask your therapist for recommendations.

It is best if you let your body take at least 12 hours to recover from your massage. Go home and take it easy, read a book and eat a healthy meal. This will let your body continue to unwind and feel the full affects from your massage.


Do I need to take my clothes off?

massage-01-400I will always leave this up to you and your comfort level. Thai Massage is always done fully clothed, in comfortable yoga like attire. If you are nervous about undressing for your first massage, you may want to choose Thai massage, until you are more comfortable. If you choose to receive another type of massage and are comfortable undressing, know that you will always be covered with a sheet using proper draping techniques.


What is the best frequency of treatment?

This will vary, but here are some guidelines. If you are seeking massage treatment for remediation from a recent injury, it is usually recommended that the first two or three treatments be spaced every three to four days or weekly depending on the severity of the pain of dysfunction. For a long- term dysfunction like arthritis, a monthly treatment is recommended until your condition is stabilized. Massage is also excellent preventive medicine. It is important to receive massage to keep limber and loose, and to prevent injury and relieve stress. It is similar to exercise, we can not expect to work out one time and be fit for life, nor can we go to the dentist one time and have perfectly clean teeth forever. A regular maintenance massage once or twice a month is a great way to keep our bodies healthy and happy.


Will therapy hurt?

If at any time the treatment you are receiving is causing you too much discomfort, let me know by saying “that is too much.” Be open and let me know how your are feeling and your treatment will be much more enjoyable and productive. The old adage “no pain no gain” is not relevant to the massage therapy treatment you receive. Remember that it is your physical condition or dysfunction that is painful, not the treatment. You should feel better at the end of each treatment and the treatments will become more comfortable as your condition improves. After a session, you may feel some mild discomfort or muscle soreness for a few days until your body readjusts and heals itself.


Can massage help reduce stress levels?

According to medical studies anything that can help you relax will reduce your stress levels and massage is one of the most relaxing therapies you can receive. Many turn to massage to manage day to day stress. Massage therapy treats stress holistically. Massage therapists treats the whole person and helps your body regain homeostasis, achieving a balance between the various systems of your body to allow natural healing to occur.


What do I wear for a Thai massage session?

Where comfortable loose fitting clothing or something you feel comfortable being stretched in. Wear long comfortable pants and a long sleeve t-shirt if you are prone to being cold.