wildwoman retreat

Do you hear the Wildwoman calling you?

I want you to listen. I want you to really listen to that place that lives deep down in the dark recesses of your body.  Deep down where your knowing dwells.  Can you hear me?  I am the voice that rides the winds.  I am the hair that stands on end when you meet the unknown and the unseen.  I am the magnetic force that pulls you like a compass to the ancient grandmother tree in the woods.  I am the weight that pulls you down to fully experience the earth and the depth of your grief.  I am the crescendo of joy that spills you over into deep belly aching laughter. I am the jolt that awakes your body with a  flash of lightening and a growl of thunder.  I am that place of presence within you and without you that is of the living and the breath.

Are you ready to live the way you were born to live, true to your highest calling?  Do you hunger for a more empowered, self-created life?  Are you tired of living from old places of fear and limitation?  Are you ready to surrender into trust and the intuitive knowing of your wild soul?


You know there is more to life than you are currently allowing.  You feel the deeper longings of your soul to open, dance, play, create, explore, radiate, receive and love bigger than you ever have. You are ready to experience and express more of the full spectrum of your BEING.

Located near Asheville, NC

at Camp LovEvolution

Join us for The Wildwoman Retreat

September 22 – 24, 2017

Clear away old crap and cultural constructs that have kept you caged

Embody your wild vast creative feminine power

Liberate your indigenous soul


The Wildwoman lives in all of us.


$495 for the weekend, includes all meals and camping.

For more information visit:

Wildwoman Registration (Retreat & Lodging Options)