Carrie Spencer is a full-time healing artist in Asheville, NC.  She creates a container in which transformation is encouraged and held.  She is a compassionate connector, dynamic dancer, and a student of the sun, moon, and stars, and earth.  Carrie is a dreamweaver, star wonderer, and loves to travel by the threads of consciousness that draw her.  Above all, she loves to dive deep into the shadow,  fly high into the light, and experience and be present to all that is.

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Carrie began Bodhi of Life in 2008,  a few years after starting her practice as Energy work and bodywork therapist.  Since that time, she has woven herself into her work, creating a healing arts masterpiece.  The majority of her practice stems from her work as a bodywork practitioner, where she utilized the body as a lens in which to view the more subtle mental, emotion and psycho-spiritual bodies. To do this she threads in her work as a Polarity Practitioner, understanding the body as consciousness, working between the physical and energetic bodies.  Her work as a Shamanic Priestess and a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, serves her clients in her ability to hold space for deep emotional process and breathwork navigation.  Her practice as Thai Massage Practitioner, serves to open up the body holistically, both on physical and energetic levels.

Carrie also works with her beloved, Jeremy Schewe, at Inchanted Journeys, facilitating personal transformation retreats across the U.S and Sacred Journeys abroad.  To learn more about these retreats and journeys please visit http://inchantedjourneys.com/.